A HEPVO Waterless Trap uses a silicon valve verses the traditional water filled P-Trap.  Both are used to prevent vented sewer smells emitting out of a sink drain or shower drain.

In the case of an RV type plumbing system, either type of trap will block smells from holding tanks, entering the living space.

The traditional water filled P-Trap works great as long as the trap remains full of water.  But during terms of non-use or storage it is common all the water evaporates from the P-Trap.  At that time your holding tanks stink or chemical smells may enter the living space.   Anyone that has used RV’s probably is familiar with this unpleasant odor.  Especially when opening up after long periods of storage.

A HEPVO Drain Trap uses a silicon sleeve that collapses and seals when there is no water flow.  It opens under the slightest gravity flow of water and allows it to pass.  The device has a specific direction of flow, and must be installed in  the correct direction to function.  When there is no water flow and the silicon valve is closed, the Hepvo Trap blocks drain and tank gases/smells.

The HEPVO is ideal for RV use.  Since there is no water trapped inside, there is no need to winterize fixture traps by dumping in RV Antifreeze products down drains to protect traps.

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