Sprinter Vans can come with two different types of Hinges (2019 +).  The 270° and the 180° opening type.  The 270° can be a problem if you plan on rear door accessories.

2019 Sprinter 270° Hinge

A 270° version that allows the fully opened rear doors to be folded flat against the exterior body sides/Side windows.

A 180° version that is more restrictive in allowing the doors to not open as much as the 270°.

On the surface you might think the 270° version would be the most desirable?  As a person that is doing a Conversion build-out, or adding accessories such as a rear door mounted ladder, tire carrier, gear boxes, etc.  The 270° becomes a big negative real quick.

With the 270° and a rear door mounted accessory that protrudes any (Which anything does), and the doors swing fully open accidentally, or on purpose.  You are either going to damage the body sides, or bust out some glass.

While some older Sprinters have latching door catch/stops.  Either metal or a strap type.  The 2019’s don’t come this way.  After market devices are hard to find (2019+) at this time of writing (5/2021).  Though we do find a web strap type.  We can’t find a preferred metal type.  A type that  catches/latches and locks the door into place.  Then needs manually released to enable the door to close.

If your van comes with 270° hinges, or you ordered it that way not knowing.  If you are thinking a swap out is no big deal.  The labor and time truly isn’t if you are the handy type.  But the expense is a little up there.

A new set of OEM 180° hinges for both rear doors will cost you around $325. Depending on if you want them powder coated or not.  Most come powder coated black in this price range.  If you want them to match your original, in the vehicle color, expect to shell out more for that.

So an add on rear door accessory can end up costing you much more than expected if you are running with 270° hinges.  Most accessories specifically state that.  They won’t even work with the 270°.

While some accessories seem to indicate they will work on the 270°.  You best investigate that to be sure.  Also confirm if your body side and glass is in danger of damage  should you install such an accessory.

If you shop around for rear door mounted accessories, the 180° hinges can  sometimes be included with your accessory at a discounted price.  But they still carry a hefty price tag.  Plus they most likely won’t come in your vehicles matching paint color.

If you are buying a new vehicle.  Think long and hard before going to the 270° type if you have a choice.  Especially if a conversion, or rear door mounted accessory is in your future.

Of course you may be able to sell your 270° hinges to someone for some $.  Some using a van as a cargo or service vehicle.  They may prefer to upgrade to this arrangement, if they have 180°.   Maybe a swap arrangement could be made locally?  Both parties walking away happy?