Without a doubt, different models and different years, most likely have differing issues?

The below info is on a 2019 Sprinter 2500 passenger 144″.

Our passenger van has the 2-3-3-4 seating arrangement.  Meaning  there are two individual front seats.  Then proceeding back through the rear a 3 seat bench seat, a second 3 seat bench seat, and in the far rear a 4 seat bench seat.

In the floor there are three continuous lock down tracks.  The seat base frame locks into thees tracks.  With the seats all installed, there is plastic trim to cover any exposes area’s of the tracks.

Seat removal seems pretty logical.  Pull a latch release on the rear middle of the seat, and rock the seat.  Once free of the track, lift the seat out.

The track trim is a different story,    We want to remove the trim too.  Our idea is to use the track to lock down wall partitions and cabinets.  At the same time make them removable if we want to remove them some day.

At the very front  of the track there are “dead end” plastic trim pieces, that are somehow snapped in, or slide locked in?  These are in tight, with no visible indicator of how to remove them.  Except for some slot shaped holes leading one to believe there is plastic locking tab of some sort?

Between the seat rows there are plastic trim pieces, that are angled in to catch a tab, then pushed down and a spring loaded lock snaps and locks it in place.  To remove these, it is self explanatory.   There is a visible sliding, spring loaded, locking tab,  with an arrow on it.  Simple slide the lock while gently lifting.  Once you can pull that end up, you can pull the trim away from the opposite end and the whole piece comes free.  These come out with ease.

At the very rear end of the track there are another set “dead end” plastic trim pieces.  Just like those found on the front end of the track.  They are somehow snapped in or locked in?  These dead end pieces of trim are in tight, with no visible indicator of how to remove them.  It is even difficult to slide a thin putty knife between them and the floor.  They are that tight.

View of the far rear floor seat track
A spring loaded trim piece unlocked and out of the track
A “dead end” trim piece that is somehow locked in very tight

These “dead ends” do have small rectangular slots that may require some type of releasing tool or perhaps a screw driver to move some type of plastic locking tab left or right?  We can’t see inside to see what we are dealing with.  Does any one have an image of one that has been removed, or new never installed?  Or the trick to release these?

Trying to gently pry up or slide forward or backward doesn’t seem to be possible.  These “dead ends” seem snap locked in, or slide locked in?  We don’t want to force something and break it.  Sticking a flat screw driver in the slot and angling left or right seemed to have no affect.  So at this point we are hoping someone can provide the solution.

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