We fabricated some anchors to meet the need to secure both new sub floor and wall partitions.  We used the existing factory seat locking track hardware and did zero alterations to the van itself.

The seats need removed, as well as the plastic track covering trim.

We know these work in a 2019 Sprinter 2500 Passenger 144.  Once installed they are about as flush as you can get to the very top edge of the factory seat locking track.  No permanent alterations are made to the vehicle.

The anchor brackets are made from a base of 1 inch x 1/8 inch flat steel bar.  Also 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 1/16 inch square steel tubing. And some bolts.

A gap was needed on the bottom to miss a metal retaining clip that is part of the factory seat track.  The square tubing was drilled for what would become the new anchor bolts….drilling through both the top and bottoms of the square tube.

It is flipped upside down and the bolt end brazed to the square tube. Note: It helps to slightly recess the end of the bolt being brazed in.  Once the molten braze flows it will be nearly level and require little to no grinding to make that bond flush.  Repeat for the second bolt.

Cut the 2 pieces of 1 x 1/8 flat steel if you have the metal clip in the track you need to miss.

Drill the appropriate sized hole, in the ends of both pieces of flat steel.  To accept the original track bolts to secure things back down to the floor.

Lay out the pieces in the track.  Line up the holes in the flat steel to the holes/nuts that track secures to.  Place the 1 1/4 square tube on top of the flat steel parts.  Make sure everything is lined up.  Clearly mark everything.

Weld the flat steel to the bottom of the square tubing.  Grind all welds flat, then give you track adapter anchor a coat of paint.  Once the paint is dry install your track adapter anchor using the original factory track bolts.

We were laying 3/4 inch sub floor.  Know that the factory seat track is nearly 1/4 inch higher than the factory floor.  To compensate for that we added 1/4 inch plywood (with track cut-outs) to even everything up and create a solid flat surface.