There are two Manufactures currently out there I considered for a rear Door Spare Tire carrier.  ALUMINESS PRODUCTS or OWL VANS.

I ended up going with ALUMINESS PRODUCTS.  My only complaint was the lag time between ordering and having my credit card charged, and the actual final delivery.  It was painfully slow when products hold up other stages of a build.  Especially if good camping weather is passing you by.

As far as installation and performance.  I have zero complaints.  The installation instructions were rather vague on a couple of points.  But if you have worked on vehicles at all, and have general command of hand tools.  You will figure it out.

I liked this product because I had to make zero holes in anything.  It attaches to a MB existing bolt holes.  It works on both the 270° Hinges, as well as the 180°.  Though if like my 2019 that has 270° hinges, and added stopping strap (from Aluminess) must be installed.  It is simple and works.  Though there is no means to lock the door open at that stopping point.  I does protect the side from getting hit by the tire.