SPRINTER VAN Project Vision and Preliminary Ideas

Our vision of our completed project right now, is to at least retain one rear bench seat.  So that we can remove or install that seat should there be a need to seat extra passengers.  In case we need the extra 3 seat seating capacity on a temporary basis.  The other two bench seats we intend to pull out.

Our “living area” will be built starting directly behind the first rear bench seat.  A partition perhaps directly behind that bench seat.  With some overhead storage on the cab side of that partition as well, above the bench seat.

Also our design concept will revolve around an interior square steel tube skeleton we will fabricate.  Some welded sections that will slide through doors.  Then interconnected reinforcing and support sections bolting things together using “rivnuts” and bolts…..a big erector set!

This van is completely factory finished with wall and head liners.  We hope to not alter these factory upholstered panels in any way.  Also incorporate the existing factory wall and headliners to avoid costs to otherwise cover the interior walls or ceiling.

This interior skeleton will bolt down into the rear seat locking channels.  Then contain horizontal supports for structural support, overhead storage, wall partitions, and a 110VAC window air conditioner (For Park Power/Generator use only).  The Air Conditioner will be exhausted & Drained out the rear door opening (with doors open).

On the interior side of the rear vehicle doors,  partition will be built creating a weatherproof, security wall.  From the rear outside side of the partition.  There will be a hinged door storage compartment access that will extend up under the interior sleeping bed.

A “Through the wall Air Conditioning Unit” (different design than a Window Air Conditioning Unit, will hang out through this secondary security partition slightly.  A 12VDC Fantastic 12VDC Exhaust fan will also be in this security wall.

A solar panel will be hinged on the exterior of the van, across the back vehicle doors (when closed) on a fiberglass panel.  This assembly will serve dual purposes.  Solar power collection, and a rain awning for when the doors are open.

When traveling, the solar panel assembly will be hinged down and locked.   This will provide at least some minimal battery charging capability, even at that vertical position, while traveling or not deployed at horizontal.

In camp the solar panel will be unlocked and hinged up to a more horizontal position.  Providing more solar power to restore battery use while camping.

In camp the two rear van doors will be opened.  The Solar Panel, fiber glass base assembly, will become an awning over the two rear doors.  Rain fly’s will fill the gap between the top of the doors and the Solar Panel awning assembly.

The Window Air Conditioner can be used in this “opened up” configuration if hooked to 110VAC park power or a generator.

Until the Solar Panel Assembly is fabricated and in place.  I haven’t worked out the rain fly mechanics, and perhaps even a rear privacy screen.

Also details concerning the electronics of being able to lock up the vehicle in this “opened up” configuration.  That may not even be an issue with the interior chassis dome lights and such?  I haven’t started investigating that.  But a couple of extra switches could solve that if need be.