THETFORD Cassette Toilet C402-C model 32812

We decided to try to fit in a C402C Model rather than either a smaller cassette (self contained), or some type of flush RV toilet requiring a secondary holding tank that would need mounted inside, or hung beneath the van floor.

We found there to be a bit of confusion on this model concerning which end the self contained holding tank is accessed from.  Though some people indicate the 2 models found are inter-changeable  by swapping their parts on the same unit?  We didn’t want to have to mess around if you can order it as needed.

There is a model 32811  and a model 32812.  The 32812 seems to be readily available on-line.  Often the designation is only C402C.  From what we could find out the 32812 is set up for access on the “Left”.  Left,  when you are sitting down.  We assume the 32811 is on the “right”.  We never did find any helpful photos on-line to confirm.

We ordered our 32812 from Amazon due to their ease of returns should we assume wrong.   When it arrived it did indeed have the waste tank access on the “Left” when sitting down.  Just the way we wanted it.

It does appear and others stated you could swap some parts around to make it work from the opposite end.  There is no cover on either end.  It appears there is a base plate for securing the waste tank, that could be flipped?

In general the Thetford C402C is a totally self contained unit, with it’s own waste storage tank.  We wanted the extra storage capacity over some smaller cassettes.

It has it’s own fresh water storage tank.  So the need to connect it to an external plumbing source is not required.   That was also something we wanted.

It also has its own electric pump/flush.

The Specs are as follows on their website:
Removable Seat and Cover for Cleaning
Waste Tank Capacity 5.1 gal (19.3L)
Fresh Flush Water Capacity 4 gal (15L)
Dimensions 26 3/8 Wide x 15 3/4 Depth,  housing height 18 inches.

I did measure the base that actually contacts the floor.  It is 26 3/8 x 10  13/16.   This includes the snap on toe kick trim on the base front.

So if you are dealing with close tolerances.  The actual very minimal measurements for finished interior wall contact is 26 3/8 inches across the opening.  The very minimum floor space contact from a finished rear wall to the front base is exactly 10 13/16 inches.

That wasn’t clear to me until I had the  unit to physically look at.  I held off on ordering any type of shower pan until I knew that dimension for  sure.  So glad I did.  This becomes critical if you are buying or attempting to fabricate some type of step up from your shower pan level.  Which I intend to do.

I gave up on trying to find a combo type shower pan/toilet pan I could use as a one piece waterproof base.  I searched endlessly on the internet.  Saw photos of some completed installations that looked like what I wanted.  But a fiberglass or plastic base that I wanted, in dimensions to accommodate the  Thetford C402C, using minimal space, seems to not exist?

It is really too bad such a pan is not out there on the market. It would be perfect for putting together a totally waterproof shower/toilet combo.

We found a 27x 24 Polar White Pan on Amazon we are going to use.  The C402C will be raised slightly higher then the shower pan, on a platform between the pan and the rear wall.

We are going to hand lay fiber glass on that platform to create an over hanging drip lip into the shower pan.  The platform will have vertical edges on the other three sides.  Those three verticals will be up and behind the finished FRP bathroom/shower walls.

The pan verticals on opposing sides of the pan, will line up with the pan flanges that gets installed up and behind two of the finished FRP walls we will install.

The rear pan vertical will be up behind the back wall FRP.  Once the walls are all in, the toilet will be slide up against the back wall, secured, and caulked in.

The idea is, even if any of the caulking ever leaks, no water will ever be able to migrate through and down into the van.  Any tank leakage or shower over spray, or even caulk leakage,  will all route water down the shower drain.

If you require an access door for the cassette waste tank to pass through.  You will have to order that separately for the price of around $62+tax.  Again more confusion.  It appears the Thetford part number is/was 32144.  But we couldn’t find that.  Amazon and buyers, indicate you need to purchase  Thetford Door 3 Including Zadi Lock (One Size) (White).


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