VENT LOCATIONS Heaters & Sewer in relationship to Windows & AC Unit

We intend to expand on this subject.  This initial page is to get some of the basic information up and running.

In many cases people are building a mini house on wheels.  The relationships of component locations become very important when planning.

For instance, should you vent your black holding tank through the roof right next to your crank up roof vent used for ventilation.   If the fumes don’t kill you, the interior will not be a pleasant place to spend time.

Vent your furnace or water heater exhaust too close to a window or ventilation vent, and it may kill you…or a loved one.

If mounting an RV type furnace, and a RV type Hot Water Heater, will you locate them in the same area?  Think about mounting the Furnace above the Hot Water Heater.   Not the other way around.  Why?  Water at some point in time is most likely going to leak.  Especially tank type water heaters that are not drained and maintained.  If it drips into the electronics of the furnace expect damage there as well.

Don’t mount electrical panels or electronics such as service panels, Inverters, Solar Charge Converters, are 110VAC to 12VDC Converter-Chargers, near or below and water lines, water pumps, water heaters, or fixture plumbing.

You don’t want things like generator exhaust, Water Heater or Furnace Exhaust, or Black tank vents anywhere near your Air Conditioner Intake, Ceiling vents or vent fans, windows, etc.

While on the subject of Ceiling Vent fans such as the Fantastic Vans.  Consider mounting it in the shower/toilet combo ceiling, rather than over the living area.   It can exhaust humid stinky air from the bathroom.  If the vent lid is left open and it rains, any rainwater can go down the shower drain…..not into your carpet or bedding.