WATER HEATER 120VAC 1.5 Gal Eco Mini 1

In keeping with our original “stealth” Sprinter build.  We had initially scraped the idea of having a water heater of any type.

While a traditional RV type LP fired water heater would have been nice.  Space was a consideration.  But the main deterrent was punching holes in the van’s body and the conspicuous exterior grill that covers the intake, exhaust, and electronics.  Plus we really didn’t want interior on-board LP/Propane.

As the build progressed we found we had a small space under the sink.  We starting considering some form of 120VAC water heater to be used when Park Power was available.  Or boondocking with a generator. We plan on having our Honda 2200 Watt LP fired generator along on occasion.

At first we thought of plumbing in a “Instant Hot” electric type unit.  But to produce really hot water we found most require amperage that exceeds our 30amp set-up.  None of the lower amperage instant hots would provide enough to divert some to a shower,

So we searched a long time to find a small tank type that operates on a lower 12 amp circuit.  Most importantly…fit in the space we have.

We would have preferred a slightly larger capacity.  But luckily we found one that just fits the space.  So it is what it is.  Hoping for an occasional warm shower and hot sink water.

In fact we had to turn the water heater sideways, and redesign some of our plumbing runs to make it fit.   But since we hadn’t physically started the plumbing, all of the design change was just on paper.

So our unit is a 1.5 gallon storage tank type.  That operates off 120VAC and is rated at 1440 Watts.  It fit!

Manufacturer: Ecosmart
Part Number: Eco Mini 1
Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallon
Voltage: 120VAC
Wattage: 1440
Amperage Capacity: 12 amps
Dimensions 14.5 inches (H), 10 inches (D), 10 inches (W)
Price: Around $162.86
Our Source: Amazon