A Little of About Us. Our Core Team most likely shares a common passion with most that land on this site.  A lifetime of camping.  Some just starting out.  A string of camping shelters, vehicles, trailers, and RVs.  Or a string of questions concerning what do I need, what am I willing to pay for, or what am I willing to use that I can come up with myself.

All of which, basically boils down to personal finances, your needs at the time, and what you have fun doing.

Many reach a point they aren’t willing to mortgage the homestead to support their wants.  Can’t quite find what serves their purpose.  Those that are frugal and wish to camp in comfort, but want to splurge elsewhere.  To that DYI handy person that wants to build something custom from the tires on up.

Some projects even cover the custom commercial rig that perhaps you want to make your own personal modifications on.

We run this site as free content.  Our Labor, Photography, media, Domain and Server expenses are either out of pocket or covered by donations made by our generous readers and contributors.

Media and Photos can be emailed to Info@TOPONAUTIC.com

Monetary support can be sent to help offset our expenses and is greatly appreciated!
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