When selecting a refrigerator for our builds.  Our priority is being able to use it when boondocking for extended periods of time.  To us, that means running perpetually off 12VDC batteries and some adequate re-charging source.

We do not want to run a noisy generator to power it! 

That boils things down to either a fridge with an LP/Propane option.  Or a high efficiency 12VDC compressor powered fridge you can run efficiently off battery and solar. 

We have used LP types.  While they do the job well too.  More recent improvements in high efficiency, low amp consumption Refrigerator/Freezer units has changed our thinking.   We aren’t talking about those inferior 12V “Cooler”.

We have installed two types of battery powered units in different builds.  Both high efficiency, and both run off 12VDC.  Both not cheap!

We won’t even consider those cheaper “coolers”, or lower end Fridge units that often drawn in excess of 5Ah @12VDC.  More likely as high as 10Ah @ 12VDC.  Don’t be deceived when the Ah spec is given at 120VAC.  In reality you have to multiple that 120VAC amp number by roughly 10 (X 10) to know what it will draw off 12 Volts directly, or running off an Inverter, using the “cooler’s” 120VAC power supply/transformer.

To make our list.  A unit has to be rated at/near 2Ah or less, @12VDC.

Isotherm Cruise 42  Small, Front loading, and a relocatable compressor
ARB 82qt  Chest type, top loading, portable but heavy