CASSETTE TOILET Evaluation – Thetford C402C

This is a personal, unsolicited, evaluation of a cassette toilet we installed in a 2019 Sprinter 144 conversion about 14 months ago.

This may be useful information for those that may be at the beginning of a build, facing similar choices and decisions.

At the time of starting the build.  We were skeptical and worried we might make a mistake by installing a cassette type toilet.  Rather than a conventional RV toilet complete with an exterior holding tank, and exterior vent.

Any reluctance had to do with possible smells and stink.

After using the unit for 14 months,  And running some of our own very non-technical tests.  Namely, applying the basic “sniff test”.  Even after letting #1 and #2 waste percolate for two weeks.  In fact we let it percolate inside the closed up van, in the height of the summer desert heat, of Las Vegas, NV. USA.  Two weeks no less.

While we have used the toilet many times the past 14 months, we wanted to reserve judgement until it was put through the high heat of summer!

We have concluded the unit certainly passes for our use.  Any fears or concerns we had originally, were unfounded.

Click Link for more details on the Thetford C402C Cassette Toilet