Scepter 5 gallon water container NPT or Garden Hose Threads

This is a relatively easy hack on Scepter 5 Gallon Water Containers.

This will provide you with a O.D. Male Garden Hose Thread Connector.  It will also provide a I.D. Female NPT Connection.  This will allow all kinds of DIY connections or accessories.

This was originally adapted so a short piece of garden hose could be attached to the 5 gallon Scepter Container.  To aid in transferring water into the gravity water fill on an RV/Camping Trailer, when boondocking.

The internal Female 1/2″ NPT is useful for screwing in a threaded brass valve.  The Container can be left on its side on a picnic table the valve opened like a spigot to wash hands, or fill other containers.

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SOLAR Info to Digest

We are excited to inform you we just transferred one of our articles on Solar.  We are in the process of transferring old web pages off a site we are going to eventually delete.

If you are considering solar on your trailer or RV.  Or just curious.  This is a lengthy somewhat technical end of things.   From a build it from scratch mentality.

It includes charts to aid you in understanding some of the concepts, and steps in approaching your design.  Or even capacity estimations if you intend to purchase a plug and play type configuration.

Click here to open the full length article  SOLAR Design Info & DIY Panel Roof Rack construction.